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Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems need maintenance just like the rest of your car, van or farm vehicle.

Ensuring your vehicle's air conditioning system is regularly checked and refilled by a professional isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. A well-maintained AC system keeps you comfortable in all weather conditions and prevents costly repairs down the line. At Oaktree Garage, we provide top-notch air conditioning services to all vehicles—cars, vans, and even farm vehicles. Our experienced professional will troubleshoot any issues and provide high-quality refills to keep your system running smoothly. Don't let a faulty air conditioner disrupt your journey. Take a proactive step today, and schedule your air conditioning service with us. Experience the difference a perfectly cooled and refreshing ride can make!

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Why is our AirCon Service the Best?

A comprehensive air conditioning service at Oaktree Garage is designed to ensure your comfort and your vehicle's peak performance. Our meticulous process begins with a thorough inspection of the system, checking for leaks and assessing the performance of the compressor, condenser, and other components. We then use cutting-edge ultraviolet technology to pinpoint even the smallest leaks. Our service includes evacuating the old refrigerant and replacing it with a fresh, optimal quantity, ensuring your system cools effectively. We also replace the system's oil to keep it running smoothly and replenish the desiccant to maintain humidity control. Finally, a rigorous post-service test confirms everything is functioning as it should be. With Oaktree Garage, you don't just get an air con service; you receive a complete revitalization for your vehicle's air conditioning system, promising you cool, comfortable drives every time.

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UltraViolet Leak Detection

Oaktree Garage employs cutting-edge ultraviolet (UV) light technology to detect even the tiniest leaks in your vehicle's air conditioning system. The process is as ingenious as it is effective. We introduce a UV-reactive dye into the system, which circulates with the refrigerant. Any leaks, no matter how small, will seep out the dye. When we shine a UV light on your system, the dye glows brightly, revealing the precise location of the leak.

This advanced method ensures no leak goes undetected, safeguarding your vehicle's optimal performance and your comfort.

Trust in our innovative approach to air conditioning maintenance and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle is in the hands of experts.

Choose Oaktree Garage, where we combine technology and expertise for unmatched service quality.

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