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Oak Tree Garage, General Vehicle Repairs

We are a well equipped garage capable of servicing and maintenance of all types of cars, both old and new.

With our state of the art diagnostics tools we are able to diagnose and fix problems with the newest cars, vans and commercial vehicles. In this day and age if your usual garage doesn’t use this type of technology then you’re paying for their time to diagnose problems that could be done in a matter of minutes with our diagnostic equipment.

Why go through the stress of doing your own oil and filter changes ? We have everything to hand to do the job quickly and efficiently meaning you’re vehicle is off the road for the minimum amount of time and you don’t get stuck with your vehicle on the jack needing to go and buy more oil. Take the sensible approach and book your car or van in to Oak Tree Garage for a service. If your vehicle is getting on in years, and there’s a knock or rattle, wheel bearing gone, shock absorber gone or something more serious then we’ll happily provide you with the best quote possible.

People often think if their car needs some welding work, it must be on its last legs – not true! We can weld new panels, repair sills and carry out any other welding, bodywork or fabrication jobs you require. If you need a tow bar fitting, spot lights installing or you want your vehicle to be given a general ‘spruce up’ fixing it up to last another year on the salty roads then give us a call – at this time of year a good all over Wax-Oil is recommended. If you’ve ever tried this job yourself you’ll realise it’s best done by professionals.

We’re here to help and are happy to take a look at your vehicle even if you think its o.k. – don’t take risks, you don’t want to break down because of a simple fault(recovery services take forever and a poorly maintained vehicle may invalidate your insurance cover)

Vehicle Servicing Services in Pickering

  • Servicing starts from as little as £46 plus parts.
  • Most cars and light commercial vehicles are covered within this price.
  • We operate new snap on diagnostic equipment for fault finding, resetting of service, engine malfunction, ABS and air bag warning lamps.
  • Removal and replacement of broken or damaged bolts, studs and threads including spark plug inserts.
  • Full brake servicing including manufacturing of brake lines in corrosion resistant copper.
  • Pressure and vacuum bleeding of hydraulic clutches and brake systems to ensure efficient removal of all air from within the system.

Prices From £46 (+V.A.T)