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We Also Service Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles and Plant Air-Con Sysyems. 'FREE mobile service across Ryedale'

Agricultural Vehicle Air-Con
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Well maintained Air Conditioning is now an important part of modern agricultural machinery. It offers a comfortable environment for the driver who can work within a temperature controlled, condensation free cab that can be enclosed if necessary to minimise the effect of dust and sprays.

We are fully equipped with the latest state of the art equipment to rapidly diagnose faults in the air conditioning system. A typical mobile service will involve:

Initial system testing - Vent temperatures and gauge pressures are checked against recommended levels. A refrigerant identifier is used at this stage to verify system content and determine the level of purity or contamination

Recovery of system refrigerant - This is recovered and weighed

Checking of system and related components - This includes drive belts, pipes and hoses, evaporator drain tube, pollen filter, condenser, fan and electrics.

Check heater and control flap operations

System evacuation - A vacuum is applied to remove moisture and air which can damage the system

Recharge car air conditioning - with correct amount of refrigerant as specified by manufacturer

Run System and Check Operating and Performance and operating pressures. Pollen filter checks (these should be replaced every 2 years)

Mobile Vehicle Airconditioning Service

  • Mobile Service covering the whole of Ryedale
  • Refresh/Replace Refrigerant
  • Checking Compressor oil level.
  • Check condition of flexable hose's.
  • Compressor Drive Belt check.
  • System Pressure Testing.

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*Our 'FREE' Service doesn't mean the service is free, we will bring our equipment to your vehicles location day or night to perform the Air-Con service free of charge. The actual service itself follows our regular pricing structure