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Pickering Vehicle Repairs at Oak Tree Garage

Proprietor: Darren Cousins has owned this small family garage for over 8 years. In times like these where new car sales are declining, Oak Tree Garage has never been busier. Our customers are thankful that they've had their cars maintained by arguably the best car repair centre in Pickering(if not ryedale) over the last few years. This has meant that they can easily see another 50k miles of trouble free motoring from their well oiled machines.

Specialists in Air Conditioning for all types of vehicles including Cars, Vans, Tractors, Lorry's, Combines etc. etc. Summer can be a busy time for airconditioning. What people don't realise is that your air conditioning system needs maintaining all-year-round. If it's not functioning correctly over winter, when it comes time to switch it on in the summer months, you could be faced with a huge bill to replace worn out components of the vehicle air conditioning system.

Fully qualified in the handling of pressurised refridgerants and Airc-onditioning systems and maintenance we will soon have your air con working again just like it rolled out the factory.

Vehicle Airconditioning Service Schedule

  • Refresh/Replace Refrigerant
  • Checking Compressor oil level.
  • Check condition of flexable hose's.
  • Compressor Drive Belt check.
  • System Pressure Testing.

Prices From £40 (+V.A.T)

Air-Con Servicing in Pickering

Our typical Air conditioning service comprises the above jobs. While we are working on the air conditioning it's always a good idea to have a good look around the car to see if there's anything else that may need attention. We're not simply 'looking for work' but more keeping you informed of thing like rust patches begining to appear, wheel bearings on their way out, bald tyres, oil levels low, antifreeze levels not quite right and a host of other general maintenance items. These are often overlooked by customers either through lack of time or understanding of these things work. It's our job to make it all as simple as possible and ensure you don't come a cropper